WFP Food Assistance Returns To Kismayo (Somalia)

30 January 2013

Top: WFP has set up five nutrition centres around the city, where pregnant and nursing women and young children are checked for malnutrition. At this one in Kismayo General Hospital, women and children line up to be assessed and, if necessary, registered for the supplementary feeding programme.

Middle Left: A member of WFP’s partner organisation at the centre hands out 30-day rations of Plumpy’Sup, a ready-to-use supplementary food, to those with registration cards. So far, two thirds of those needing treatment are children.

Middle Right:All eyes are on this bowl of yellow split peas being handed out at the hot meals centre. Fruit is also distributed daily, alongside rice and split peas. A recent rapid food security and nutrition assessment found that half the households in Kismayo are struggling to meet their daily needs.

Bottom: This young woman has just had her pot filled with cooked rice. With so many variables in their lives - the security situation and the seasonal rains to name just two - it is important that the poorest have enough to eat while they rebuild their lives after so many years of conflict.

Photos: WFP/David Orr