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Top UN Official Warns Of Continued Risk Of Famine In SomaliaThe Guardian 

Mark Bowden, who leads the UN relief efforts in Somalia, says many people remain in a precarious position and would need assistance on a regular basis. Bowden said last year’s aid enabled relief agencies to reduce the number of people at risk of outright famine from 750,000 to 150,000, and prevented the spread of diarrhoeal illness and other infectious diseases through chlorination of water and increased health services.

Clinton Trip To West Africa Highlights Region’s Burgeoning Democracy, Increased U.S. InterestThe Washington Post

After an intense year of diplomacy sparked by revolution and repression across the Arab world, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is taking stock this week of an entirely separate democratic advance a half-continent away in West Africa.

U.S. Department of State - South Sudan Women Working To Overcome Food InsecurityDipNote

Recently, after travelling on the bumpy to non-existent “roads” of South Sudan, I came away impressed — impressed with the hopeful vision of a country that has enormous potential to move quickly into a state of relative food self-sufficiency, perhaps within less than a generation. While on my field visit to the Eastern and Central Equatoria states, I witnessed the collective efforts of FAO and WFP.

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ICRC Suspends Aid Distribution In SomaliaCNN

Distribution of food, seed, and medical relief intended for drought victims in Somalia has been suspended, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced Thursday. The aid intended for up to 1.1 million people has been held up because local authorities blocked distribution of ICRC food and seed relief in the Middle Shabelle and Galgaduud regions in central and southern Somalia.

57 Killed, 40 Missing As Tribe Launches Revenge Attack After Reported Massacre In South SudanThe Washington Post 

Hundreds of armed attackers from a South Sudanese tribe that suffered a devastating assault last month charged into three villages, burned them to the ground and killed 57 people, an official said Friday, an act that perpetuates a cycle of revenge attacks in the world’s newest nation. The UN mission in South Sudan estimates at least 60,000 people have been affected by the on-going violence. 

Food Inflation Abates As Grain Stocks RiseThe Financial Times 

FAO said on Thursday its food index had fallen last month to its lowest level in more than a year, reflecting reduced inflation across Asia. The drop in corn, wheat, rice, soyabeans and other agricultural commodities’ prices pushed the FAO food index in December to its lowest since October 2010. 

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Nigeria Strike Unites Classes, Growing Anger Over Corruption, Fuel Prices In Troubled NationThe Washington Post 

The protest first drew Nigerians who live hand-to-trash, scavenging through mountains of garbage to make a living. Now, long lines of cars and expensive motorcycles are parking near a demonstration that is drawing more than 10,000 people angry about life in Africa’s most populous nation. Protesters say they want a permanent change in Nigeria, a move away from leaders who send their families abroad for schooling and medical checkups while the rest subsist on less than $2 a day. 

World Food Prices Fell To 14-Month Low In December, UN SaysBloomberg Businessweek

World food prices fell to a 14-month low in December, led by declines in grains, sugar, and oilseeds, FAO said. Food prices will probably decline this year, Jose Graziano da Silva, who became FAO director general this month, said Jan. 3. “The trend is down and can continue, it’s a very slow decline,” said Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior economist at the FAO. 

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Food Insecurity In Pakistan Rises To 58%, National Nutritional Survey —News Pakistan

According to a survey conducted by National Nutritional Survey in 2011, almost 58% of Pakistanis are food insecure. A WFP representative said, “The situation has gone from bad to worse especially in Sindh where malnutrition and food insecurity among women and children has increased.”

Syria Battles Food Security IssuesThe Wall Street Journal 

Syria is struggling to afford and secure ample food supplies for its domestic population as the European Union’s ban on oil imports puts severe strain on the country’s finances. “The prolonged unrest is often causing disruptions in food distribution channels, leading to localized shortages in several markets,” according to FAO. 

10 Easy Ways to Give Back in the New Year —Shine From Yahoo

Don’t have the extra cash or time to max out your karmic potential? Read our charity cheat sheet - a roundup of 10 easy ways to pay it forward. Give back and goof off with a Web game instead. Free Rice donates rice to WFP for right answers

Malnutrition Widespread In Indian Children, Report Finds –-The New York Times

Roughly 42% of all Indian children under age 5 suffer from malnutrition, a sobering reminder of the persistence of poverty and hunger in the world’s largest democracy, according to a major report released on Tuesday. The extensive food subsidy program that India already operates allocates grain and kerosene to the poor. 

To Create Food Security In Africa, Focus On The Value Chain –-Newstime Africa

The tragic famine in Somalia has once again focused concern on food security in Africa. There are many facets to this issue, and many solutions. While there is a role for relief in addressing food insecurity, the only real solutions center on development. 

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Haiti -Two Years Post Earthquake: What You May Not KnowThe Huffington Post 

Before and since the earthquake in 2010, Haiti has faced great challenges - ones they are working to confront and to lead the international community in helping them solve.

Rio+20 Can Make A DifferenceThe Guardian 

Rio+20 can and must make a difference. But there is no prospect of achieving the breakthroughs we need on climate change, poverty or in other areas without global agreement. We need to compel our leaders to unite to tackle common problems.

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Going With The Grain Gives Food For ThoughtThe Sydney Morning Herald 
This month Freerice welcomed its millionth member. ”Freerice not only feeds the hungry, it supports local markets and farmers,” the WFP head of web, Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski, said. ”We also focus on sustainable solutions to enable communities to feed themselves. And, buying rice locally in Cambodia to distribute to those in need does just that.”

Tens of thousands of people who have fled tribal violence in a remote area of South Sudan are in desperate need of food, the UN said on Saturday. Fighting broke out last week between the Lou Nuer tribe and the rival Murle tribe in a remote area of the state of Jonglei. 

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 UN Agency Voices Deep Concern Over Continued Ethnic Violence In South Sudan —UN News Centre

WFP expressed deep concern today about the deadly ethnic violence in South Sudan’s Jonglei state, where thousands of people have had to flee their homes in recent days. WFP has started rushing in supplies to Pibor residents, with enough emergency rations to feed more than 1,000 people for two weeks. The agency has also pre-positioned food in the town of Boma, where hundreds of displaced people have gathered and continue to arrive.

South Sudan: UN Defends Role In Pibor Ethnic ClashesBBC News

The UN has defended the role of its peacekeepers and South Sudan government soldiers after deadly ethnic clashes near Pibor town in Jonglei state. Lise Grande, the UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator in the region, told the BBC the town had been successfully defended from some 6,000 Lou Nuer fighters. 

Rope Of Life

Madia’s community has developed a simple rope-making device that can be even used by the blind. This WFP project helps to revive the craft of rope making and train village women in effective marketing techniques. With financing from the European Commision, the efforts aim to empower communities and promote self- sufficiency in Central Mindanao, as displaced residents return home and start the daunting process of rebuilding their lives  (Copyright: WFP/ Aveen Acuna- Gulo).

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Kenya: Famine Concerns As Dry Season Starts In

There are concerns over hunger as the country enters what is traditionally the driest season on the calendar. According to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture, although food security is improving, poor families are not off the hook yet. 

UN Launches $3M Food Program In Urban AfghanistanMedical Daily

WFP will contribute $3 million dollars towards a project to help the urban poor cope with high food prices. About 18,900 households including some 113,000 individuals, mostly poor women and households headed by the disabled will benefit from the project. 

Yum CEO Writes Book, Will Give Proceeds To Fight Hunger —Business First

David Novak, CEO and chairman of Yum! Brands Inc. shares his tips for effective leadership in “Taking People With You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen.” All of Novak’s proceeds from sales will be donated to WFP, in conjunction with Yum’s global hunger relief efforts.

Pepsi Tweet Explained: Street King Nabs Honickman DistributionBevnet

Pure Growth Partners’ co-founder Chris Clarke has lent some context to business partner Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Twitter message that his company had signed a deal for Pepsi to distribute Street King energy shots. As part of the brand message, the company says it will “feed a hungry child” with a donation to WFP with the sale of every shot. 

New Food And Agriculture Organisation Chief Pledges To Prioritise AfricaThe Guardian

The new director general of FAO has indicated that Africa will be his priority at a time of limited resources. Graziano da Silva, who played an important role in Brazil’s successful “zero hunger” initiative, argued the key to improving food security in Africa was the political will to eradicate hunger.

Fighting Disrupts Humanitarian Operations In South SudanThe Guardian

UN officials estimate more than 20,000 people have fled into the bush after an outbreak of violence between two tribes in Jonglei state in South Sudan over accusations of cattle rustling. 

Red Cross: 150 Children Lose Contact With Parents While Fleeing Massive South Sudan Violence —The Washington Post

Red Cross volunteers are trying to reconnect 150 young children with their missing parents after tens of thousands of residents of South Sudan ran into the bush while fleeing a massive wave of tribe-on-tribe violence, an official said Tuesday. 

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Return Of 640 IDP Households In Al-Waha Locality In N. Darfur —Sudan Vision

Al-Waha Locality in North Darfur State witnessed over the past days return of 640 households to their original villages as part of efforts exerted by the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Nomad Development Council, WFP, GOAL and the ICRC. Commissioner of Al-Waha Locality, Abdul Rahman Mohamed Eissa, said his Locality is in the process of implementing another programme for spontaneous return of 150 households to the areas northeast of the town of Kutum during the forthcoming days.

UN Body Fears ‘Baby Boom’ In CDO, IliganInquirer News

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs proposed the allocation of at least $1.76 million in addressing the “reproductive health needs of displaced populations,” as well as the monitoring, prevention and containment of possible outbreak of disease. The agency also proposed the setting aside of $8.45 million in “immediate life-saving food assistance” to some 220,000 flood victims from December 16 to March 15. Food distribution will occur through government counterparts with WFP providing monitoring and logistics support. 

For Congo Children, Food Today Means None TomorrowThe New York Times

On some days, some children eat, others do not. On other days, all the children eat, and the adults do not. Or vice versa. Délestage is universally used in French-speaking Africa to describe these state-decreed power cutoffs, but when applied to rationing food it illustrates a stark survival calculus, one the head of a household must painfully impose on the rest. 

Up To 50,000 Flee South Sudan Tribal Turmoil —Reuters

Up to 50,000 people have fled tribal violence in a remote border area of South Sudan, the UN said on Monday, in the latest episode of upheaval to hit the new African nation. Lise Grande, U.N. humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan, said tens of thousands of civilians had fled Pibor and other nearby towns to escape the violence. “We are worried about their conditions. They are without water, shelter and food.”